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International Bookselling

We pride ourselves in our diverse catalogue of higher-education books and publications. We endeavor to be your partner on your academic journey. To this end, we passionately work round-the-clock to ensure we have the latest editions. We have established easy-to-use, efficient order systems that allow our clients to comfortably place their orders. Our in-built mechanisms enable us to track our items in real time thus ensuring they reach the client promptly.

Ideal Consultancy

Dejmak offers practical, tailor-made consultancy services suitable for newly set up institutions of learning and libraries. We draw from our treasure troves of inimitable experience to equip your institutions with up-to-date tools. Our tried-and-tested tools are ideal for establishing a potent modern curriculum. They would also benefit institutions looking to create a bastion of the latest titles and publications. Our consultancy services are custom-made to suit our clients’ needs.

E-Book Solutions

We at Dejmak are cognizant of the tidal wave that is the digital movement. Technology is the future and we are ready for it. More and more of the global content is moving from the physical to the digital space. We are committed to ensuring our clients are not left behind. Our 21st century collaboration with leading libraries and institutions around the world would ensure you are kept abreast. Dejmak ensures quality, diversity and copyright integrity to all our clients who would wish to subscribe to this service.


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